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Are you interested in purchasing a pre-owned or refurbished laptop under 15000 INR that is friendly to your budget? look through our collection of high-quality previously owned laptops. Discover the ideal laptop within your price range that satisfies both your requirements and your preferences.

Dell Second Hand Laptop

Find best Dell second hand laptops, browse our wide range of Dell laptops at Each laptop undergoes over 40 performance tests to ensure quality and reliability. If you require any consultation, click here to request a callback from our team of experts. Shop confidently with and find the perfect second-hand Dell laptop for your needs.


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Dell Latitute E5490


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Frequently Asked Question:

We at Laptopex focus on maintaining transparency with our customers. So we believe in maintaining grading systems to separate out different laptop models.

Our dell refurbished laptops are categorized as follows:

  • Grade A: Laptops in good cosmetic condition with very little sign of previous use.
  • Grade B: Laptops with a moderate visual condition, lower than that of Grade A with slight dents or scratches at a cheaper cost.

Both the Grade A and B refurbished laptops have similar functional conditions.

The term refurbished laptop is all those used laptops that were collected from big corporations, Laptopex is one of the best dealers of Dell refurbished India, all our professional technicians strictly focused on inspecting, diagnosing, repairing and cleaning each and every laptop before listing them into our site. All of our Dell Refurbished laptops have certified status.

The best deal is classified based on the customer’s financial constraints and use case. Laptopex is a brand that has been dealing with the best 2nd hand laptops in Noida , offering the lowest prices and high-quality services. All our laptops come with a warranty and we offer a wide range of variety. Laptopex‘s Dell second hand laptops are best for students, and professional and personal users as well. Since we aim to provide only certified and fully diagnosed systems to end-users and corporates. You can now check our website to get the detailed information regarding all refurbished laptops.

A Dell refurbished laptop in India can cost somewhere between ₹16,000 to ₹30,000. The cost of any 2nd hand Dell laptop wholly depends on the processor, storage graphic card and screen size. Click here to browse through all of Laptopex’s refurbished laptops available for sale on our website to get a better idea of the cost of Dell old laptops and Dell second hand laptops.

Buying a second hand laptop in Noida or in India online has become very easy. Thanks to laptopex, customers can click on our website to go through the wide range of A++ certified Dell used laptops in Noida that come with exciting deals and warranties. Constant us 24X7 and our expertise are available for you ready to solve any of your queries.

  • Dell laptops are known for excellent quality and cheaper rates. If you are looking for laptops for gaming, then Dell serves you the best performance with its Alienware. But for users looking for a healthy combination of price and power HP laptops are recommended. Click here to know more about the best Dell Refurbished Laptops in Delhi
  • Laptopex also offers customers the best-in-class convenience and reliable Laptop services at their doorstep at just INR 99 . Constant Us to know more.

At Laptopex, we promise you the best customer service and deliver products to your doorstep. However, in case you are not satisfied with the laptop order or found any damage then you can refuse to accept delivery. You can return the product to our technician and we will immediately dispatch a replacement. Register your request today with Laptopex and experience wonderful and fast service.

  • 1. A + + quality exported laptops
  • 2. Lowest or Cheap Dell laptop in the market
  • 3. Easy payment method
  • 4. Doorstep diagnosis and delivery
  • 5. Repair at just INR 99
  • 6. AMC services

Dell Second Hand laptop and dell refurbished laptop Dealers in India

Dell is the most prominent brand for people to use laptops for the long term. Laptopex knows that, and that is why it brings the choices of various Dell latitude refurbished laptops in the store. You can shop online these laptops as per your leisure. There are different ways in which we have sorted the Dell renewed laptops. These ways are as follows:

Shop by the price of these laptops

We know that the price matters a lot for any person. Either you are a student or a businessman, you would always want to save some cash or expenditure. This applies to the case when you are planning to buy any second hand Dell laptop as well.Click more refurbished laptop under rs 20000

So, these refurbished Dell laptops are one of the best alternatives. We have the price range that can start from Rs. 10,000 and go up to Rs. 95,000 easily. Depending upon your current budget, you can easily choose which kind of dell refurbished laptops you would want to buy from the catalogue itself.

Shop according to the processor

The higher the processor, the higher the laptop’s performance will be. But, of course, as you move up with the processor, the cost will also increase. However, the cost of these Dell latitude refurbished laptops is not higher. These laptop costs are, of course, pretty lower than the original or the latest model. The different processors that are in demand are Core i3 , Core i5 , and Core i7. i7 is the latest and the highest amongst the three.

So, you have to decide if you are going to use the Dell refurbished laptops a lot. If the usage is moderate and not much processing is done from your end, then you can apply for the Core i3 laptops. However, when the usage is more, it’s best to go for the Core i5 or Core i7 laptops.

Shop by popularity

Whenever you are browsing the laptop catalogue, you will also see a default sorting option. From there, you can quickly sort the Dell renewed laptops. You can choose popularity as one of the criteria to sort.

This way, you will be shown the most popular Dell laptops on the first rows. This way, you can buy those laptops which are being used by others in a greater quantity. You must know that this criterion is best when you are looking for the latest laptop. You want to stay up-to-date with the market trend.

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