HP Refurbished Laptops

Laptopex.com offers dependable and economical refurbished or used HP laptops. Our collection is subjected to rigorous testing and is accompanied by swift shipment and superior customer service. Buy today!

HP Refurbished Laptops

Laptopex.com offers dependable and economical refurbished or used HP laptops. Our collection is subjected to rigorous testing and is accompanied by swift shipment and superior customer service. Buy today!

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Frequently Asked Question:

Laptopex deals with a wide range and segments of used and refurbished laptops. We deal only with reputed brands like HP, Dell, Acer etc. and to maintain transparency we grade all our refurbished laptops after running diagnostics. So that customers receive only the best or optimal products of their choice based on the value paid. Buy Now The Best Second hand laptop buy online at the best price. Get cheap hp refurbished laptops online from Laptopex .

At laptopex, all our online second hand laptops are delivered to your doorstep free of charge. However, it is necessary to pay a booking amount of INR 300 for order confirmation. Click here to check Services of Laptopex .

It is always recommended to consumers choose a second hand refurbished laptops from reputed brands such as:

At present, the average price of a second hand hp laptop in India is somewhere between INR 20,000-25,000 per unit. Also check:

Laptopex offers verified and genuine Hp refurbished laptops not only in Noida but all over India. You can filter and search for an online second hand laptop of your need or contact Us directly over call or message so that our experts can guide you to get your required HP refurbished laptop by providing complete detailed information regarding the offered Laptop such as trading history, diagnosis report, availability etc. Call us at +91 79839 90134 to know more.
Laptopex promises to deliver our product to your doorstep within 3 days once the ordering process is complete. In some cases, it might take 5 days in case of any delay in the delivery of the product, our team will contact you through email or call for the inconvenience. Contact us to know more.
  • 1. Laptop & Power adapter
  • 2. Paid receipt.
  • 3. Doorstep delivery
  • 4. Technician for doorstep quality check.
Laptopex is a leading brand for refurbished laptops in India. We have the best hp refurbished laptops for sale on our website. But most importantly we focus on customer satisfaction and transparency.
  • 1. Before ordering, get the original photos and videos of the selected model.
  • 2. After placing the purchase order, one of our engineers will arrive at your mentioned location with a laptop of your choice for quality check and delivery.
  • 3.Comprehensive testing and diagnosis using testing software.
  • 4. Make the payment only if satisfied
  • Get a 10 Days Replacement is not satisfied with quality and performance
  • Order now to get the best deals.
The bulk of Laptopex’s laptops is directly imported from respected UK and US companies. In terms of performance and quality, these budget-friendly A++ grade laptops are ideal for both professionals and students, since all of our laptops are subjected to stringent quality tests and diagnostics
  • 1. Quality Assurance test before the actual purchase
  • 2. Only imported A++ quality laptop
  • 3. Service centers throughout India
  • 4. Best post-sale service
  • 5. 24×7 customer care
  • 6. Lowest assured prices
  • 7. Transparency
  • 8. Free Diagnostic Checks.

Buy hp second hand hp laptop & refurbished hp laptops in India

Laptopex has the latest collection of HP refurbished laptops in Delhi NCR . The collection is best for you to browse if you are currently searching for laptops under 25000 rupees. To know how to shop these HP laptops from the store, below mentioned are some pointers to note.

How will you shop online on Laptopex? Shop through the processor.

The most popular processor range for the HP laptops includes Core i3 , Core i5 , and Core i7. It’s up to you which one you need to buy at present. Note that Core i3 is slower than i5 and i7. Similarly, Core i7 is the fastest processor amongst the three given options. So, buy those refurbished HP laptops which have the right processor according to your online processing needs.

Shop through the price list

Laptopex has given a “default sorting” menu for its customers to make the most use of. Using this menu settled above the given catalogue, you can choose the laptops as per the price range. You can see if you want the most expensive or the least expensive laptops first. This will highly depend on your purchasing power.

Purchase according to the rating

Many of us buy laptops as per the ratings given by earlier customers. Laptopex understands that factor. We have introduced the rating factor inside the “default sorting” option over the entire catalogue. Using the rating feature, you will instantly know which refurbished HP laptops are the best. Then you can start purchasing as per the ratings put forward against each such laptop in the catalogue.

Set your budget and then decide to buy

Laptopex store has refurbished HP laptops that fall under the range of Rs. 25000. So, you have to ensure that you have that much budget first of all. If you confirm that in advance, the shopping experience will be satisfying on the website.

In other words, Laptopex can arrange the products as per your budget

There are only best deals available on Laptopex

Besides the budget, you will feel that you are getting the best deal under Rs. 25000. As always, HP has its own brand name in the market related to durability and credibility. Therefore, these laptops under 25000 rupees are best for long-term use.

Dell Second Hand laptop and dell refurbished laptop Dealers in India

Dell is the most prominent brand for people to use laptops for the long term. Laptopex knows that, and that is why it brings the choices of various Dell latitude refurbished laptops in the store. You can shop online these laptops as per your leisure. There are different ways in which we have sorted the Dell renewed laptops. These ways are as follows:

Shop by the price of these laptops

We know that the price matters a lot for any person. Either you are a student or a businessman, you would always want to save some cash or expenditure. This applies to the case when you are planning to buy any second hand Dell laptop as well.Click more refurbished laptop under rs 20000

So, these refurbished Dell laptops are one of the best alternatives. We have the price range that can start from Rs. 10,000 and go up to Rs. 95,000 easily. Depending upon your current budget, you can easily choose which kind of dell refurbished laptops you would want to buy from the catalogue itself.

Shop according to the processor

The higher the processor, the higher the laptop’s performance will be. But, of course, as you move up with the processor, the cost will also increase. However, the cost of these Dell latitude refurbished laptops is not higher. These laptop costs are, of course, pretty lower than the original or the latest model. The different processors that are in demand are Core i3 , Core i5 , and Core i7. i7 is the latest and the highest amongst the three.

So, you have to decide if you are going to use the Dell refurbished laptops a lot. If the usage is moderate and not much processing is done from your end, then you can apply for the Core i3 laptops. However, when the usage is more, it’s best to go for the Core i5 or Core i7 laptops.

Shop by popularity

Whenever you are browsing the laptop catalogue, you will also see a default sorting option. From there, you can quickly sort the Dell renewed laptops. You can choose popularity as one of the criteria to sort.

This way, you will be shown the most popular Dell laptops on the first rows. This way, you can buy those laptops which are being used by others in a greater quantity. You must know that this criterion is best when you are looking for the latest laptop. You want to stay up-to-date with the market trend.